Crew Member/Laborer

Crew Member/Laborer

Reports To: Crew Leader

Position Overview:

All crew members/laborers are responsible to work as a team for the quality completion of any lawn or landscape project. He/she is responsible for communicating with other crew employees and the crew leader.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Presenting themselves anywhere on or off the job in a professional manner.
  2. Successfully executing any task given to exceed industry standards.
  3. Making sure he/she stays busy on the job site at all times and develops a routine with the crew leader to know what needs to be done. All crew members need to be able to perform tasks and complete them without crew leader’s assistance.
  4. Communicating any problems, solutions to problems, ideas to crew leaders/management.
  5. All laborers need to realize the crew leader is responsible to know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Therefore, all laborers need to execute all tasks as directed by crew leader.
  6. Reporting any accidents, broken or damaged tools, fuel or chemical spills, etc. to crew leader immediately.
  7. Be sure to check your clock in and out times and that they are recorded correctly
  8. Making sure all equipment and tools are returned to truck/shop upon completion of project.
  9. Keeping all crew members productively busy on the job site and conducting themselves in a professional manner.
  10. Correctly using LMN software on assigned tablet.

About Us
Gillam Lawncare & Landscaping, LLC is looking for professional individuals who are self-motivated and hardworking.

We hire only those individuals who are professional and who strive to be a leader or to be a part of an outstanding team. We have been blessed by a group of employees who are dedicated and truly loyal to our both our mission and our goals.

We offer a fun work environment, well-maintained equipment and competitive wages.

We are a DRUG-FREE workplace.

Background and driving checks required.

Please download and complete the application, then submit your application in the form below. We will contact you for an interview.